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École Lumsden Elementary School
"Learning Every Step of the Way"

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The 2018-19 badminton season is well under way. We have a very strong dedicated group this year who have been putting in many hours practicing for the upcoming competitions. Good luck to the team as the host pre-zones against École White City School and from there the top two winners in each category will advance to play in Zone Playoffs held at Notre Dame College.  The badminton season wrapped up this weekend in Wilcox when 6 of our team members represented our school in zone playoffs in a very positive manner. Great job to all six players: Liam, Dylan, Nolan, Conner, Danika, and Maddy. All players showed very good ability and sportsmanship. Some of the competition included students from grade 9 and from 7 different schools. Special congratulations to Liam for advancing to the semifinals. Again, great job to our whole badminton team for a great season.








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  Gr. 6-8 Developmental Badminton Practice
  Drama Practice
  Badminton Pre-Zones vs White City
  Drama Practice
  Board Games
  Gr. 7 & 8 Track Practice
  French Club
  Gr. 4-6 Track Practice
  Badminton Practice
  Gr. 6-8 Developmental Badminton Game
  Drama Practice
  Badminton Practice
  Drama Practice
  Ballet Club
  Gr 7 & 8 Tack and Field Practice
  Gr. 4 & 5 Dev. Badminton
  Gr, 4-6 Track Practice
  French Club
  Gr 7 & 8 Track Meet
  French Club
  Gr. 7 & 8 Track Practice
  Gr. 4-6 Track Meet
  GDA Meeting
  French Club

 Extra Currricular Notes

Intramurals:  Each grade has been participating in intramurals at lunch.  Mr. Berg and Mr. Leggett will continue organizing dodge ball in the gym for intramurals until it is a little drier on the playground. Students will go outside for intramurals once the weather becomes warmer.
Extra Curricular ActivitiesLES offers several Extra Curricular activities throughout the year.  Please see the following document for a list of activities. LES Extra Curricular Activites.pdfLES Extra Curricular Activites.pdf