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École Lumsden Elementary School
"Learning Every Step of the Way"
Leveled Literacy Intervention
What is guided reading?
Guided reading is an essential component in any literacy program. It serves as a vehicle for small group reading instruction that allows the teacher to teach and support developing readers who are reading at approximately the same reading level. As the leveled text becomes easier and strategies are used more independently, the teacher introduces text at increasing levels of difficulty. Key elements include:
· Teacher works with 4-6 students in each group.
· Children are grouped according to similarities in reading development and instructional reading levels.
· Teacher introduces stories, strategies, and concepts within group to increase independent application in appropriate leveled text.
· Every child reads and is supported by teacher.
· Emphasis is on strategic problem solving within appropriate leveled text.
What are the benefits of guided reading instruction?
           Guided reading groups allow the teacher to instruct and support the strategies, skills, and concepts that are       
           taught within any reading program. During whole group instruction, many students are being taught strategies that
           they are unable to practice because the text is too difficult. When students are given ample opportunities to
           practice learned strategies within text that is appropriate for their instructional reading level, they are able to
           devote more attention to strategic problem solving that focuses on all of the cueing systems of reading: meaning,
           structure, and visual information. Key benefits include:
· Students develop into independent readers while being supported.
· Students have more opportunities to read independently and use learned strategies, while sharing in a small group activity.
Students are given an opportunity to use strategies in a "high success" instructional setting that encourages strategy use in "successful" text.