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Lumsden High School
"Seeking Excellence in Learning"
Student of the Month

Presented based on the personal achievements of one male and one female student at each grade level, who consistently strive to make the most of their abilities toward education. Each recipient is chosen by the staff for his or her contribution to the classroom and to the well-being of the school as an academic and caring community. 



For the Month of September we are pleased to announce Abby Hawreluik is the student of the month.  Abby is considered a ray of sunshine by the LHS staff.  She is an incredibly hard working, kind, thoughtful and always goes above and beyond. She is a valuable member of SRC and has given many hours outside of school to better her school peers and community. She is always willing to help a fellow classmate and let's not forget about her wonderful sense of humour!!



For the Month of October we are pleased to announce Riley Schick is the student of the month.  Riley is a difficult person to ignore. The first thing a person notices about Riley is his loud voice and imposing presence. Riley mostly channels these powers for good and is a true leader in the school. Not only does he lead by his hard work and pride in his academics, but he also goes out of his way to help out with SRC and Leadership. He is always kind and positive in his interactions with staff and students and motivates others around him to be a part of our school community. He's a proud student athlete with goals to take his skills and use them in his future plans. Most importantly, he's loyal to his team and teammates and a proud Devil.


Nov - Tony.jpg

For the Month of November we are pleased to announce Tony Rubio Castro is the student of the month.  Tony is one of those remarkable people who greets the world with a smile. But it's his positive attitude toward challenges – that ability to keep going even when things are very, very hard – that everyone admires most about Tony.  Tony is described by staff members as brave, kind, thoughtful and patient with an incredible sense of humor.  Tony has done so well integrating into the Lumsden High community by being part of the Sr. Boys Volleyball team and learning "our language".   Tony you are "belleza certificada" a "certified beauty".



Dec - Senger.png

For the Month of December we are pleased to announce Hayley Senger is the student of the month. Hayley is a student whose sparkle and positive perspective makes her a wonderful addition to any team or classroom.  She is a hard worker a loyal friend and a confident young woman.  Hayley is always polite, respectful and warm to those around her.  She is rarely without a smile and never hesitates to help anyone at any time. 




 For the Month of January we are pleased to announce Jayden Cox is the student of the month. Jayden is so positive, down to earth and such a nice person.  He genuinely cares about others and asks how their day or weekend was with no alternative motive.  He always has a good morning for everyone in the school and is so encouraging with his peers.  We all know Jayden would much rather be hunting, fishing, or playing hockey but he comes to school every day with a smile on his face and works his butt off!  Jayden exemplifies our description of student of the month!!




 For the Month of February we are pleased to announce Kathleen Kreutzer as student of the month.  Katie is a positive presence around the halls of Lumsden High School by being pleasant, kind hearted and a loyal friend.  Always ready with a smile, her friendly disposition is infectious as she walks from class to class.  Whether she's working in class or with her friends, she seems to carry the same level of enthusiasm for what she is doing.   Katie is continually making valuable contributions to the school community including entertaining staff member's children before school begins.  LHS is better for having someone like Katie in it.



Kealan Duke.jpg 

For the Month of March we are pleased to announce Kealan Duke is the student of the month.  Kealan is a hardworking and dedicated student.   No matter what the topic is, Kealan is always fully engaged and provides valuable comments and questions to keep the conversation flowing. He never hesitates to help out his classmates when they have questions or need help.  Kealan has taken on a leadership role with his work ethic, positive outlook, and optimism. Kealan is polite, happy, friendly and is ALWAYS smiling.  It's contagious!!!   


 Danielle Guillemin.jpg

For the Month of April we are pleased to announce Danielle Guillemin as student of the month.  Danielle is a quiet person in the class but she is always ready to share her ideas and thoughts when she feels comfortable. She is well liked by everyone in the room because of her kind sole. She says good morning and checks in with teachers every day just to wish them a good day.  At noon you will either find her in band or walking the hallways striking up conversations with any and all. Danielle is always willing to pitch in when needed. We have watched Danielle really come out of her shell and excel at LHS.


Andrew Doidge.jpg













For the Month of May we are pleased to announce Andrew Doidge is the student of the month.  Andrew is a unique young man who walks – with pride – to the beat of his own drum. Andrew is hard working, polite, and kind to everyone (except, perhaps, opposing quarterbacks!)  Andrew's strong work ethic, quirky sense of humor, and ability to not take himself too seriously, makes him a wonderful addition to any class or team.  He is first to unstack chairs, volunteer to help or be kind to his peers.  Andrew always cheerful, happy to see you and always makes the room better just by being there.