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Box 236, 151 2nd Street, McLean, Saskatchewan, S0G 3E0| 699-7274| Utility links
McLean School
Repect, Kindness, Responsibility, Honesty
Executive Members:
Chairperson – Sara McCullough
Vice-Chair – Georgina Levesque
Treasurer – Anngie Spencer
Secretary – Sara Potter
Elected members consist of:
Crystal Bigalky
Trudy Dickoff
Victoria Ritco
Jenna Devine
Tanya Wilson
Michelle Owens
Lisa Lockie
Tanya Elkin
Being involved in the McLean School Community Council gives you an opportunity to share in your child’s school life and be part of the school community.  We are a group of parents interested in working and playing together to enhance the learning experiences and environment of the students of McLean School.  Some of the programs we participate in are:  hot lunches, treat days, reading with children, recycling, various fundraisers, memory books, parent information evenings, activity nights, awards and various other activities  as  needed.
Our meetings are the last Wednesday of each month in the McLean School library at 7:00 p.m.  Please join us – everyone is welcome!!