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Montmartre School
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List of Extra-Curricular Clubs and Teams

Eagle Extra-curricular Activities

Jr. / Sr. Golf - Mrs. McNish, Mrs. Dusyk

Cross Country - Mr. Froese, Mrs. Brueckner-Procyk

 Jr. Girls Volleyball - Mrs. McNish, Ms. Herold, Mrs. Romanow

Sr. Girls Volleyball - Mrs. Taylor

Jr. Boys Volleyball - Mrs. Dusyk, Mrs. Kemp

Sr. Boys Volleyball - Mr. Tholl

Sr. Girls Basketball - Mrs. Smith

Sr. Boys Basketball - Mrs. Young-Lee

Jr. / Sr. Badminton - 

Jr. Track and Field - Mrs. Weichel, Mr. Froese

Sr. Track and Field - Mr. Tholl, Mrs. Romanow, Mrs. Taylor

Ski Club - Mrs. Young-Lee

Book Club - Mrs. McNish, Ms. Gabel

Yearbook - Mrs. Brueckner-Procyk

SLC - Mrs. Perras, Mrs. McNish, Ms. Gabel

Shop Club - Mr. Tholl

Jr. Lunch Supervisors - Mrs. Young-Lee

Girls Group - Mrs. McConnell, Ms. Hall

Playground Leadership - Mrs. Weichel, Mrs. McConnell

Intramurals - Mrs. Young-Lee, Leadership 30L

Craft Club - Mrs. Brueckner-Procyk

Computer Club - Mr. Froese

Curling - Mrs. Perras