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Montmartre School
Leading each other through academics, values and a caring school

School Community Council (SCC)

Bringing together school, home and community!

​Mission Statement:  The Montmartre SCC is committed to encouraging student learning and achievement by connecting school and families and building community partnerships.

How you can get Involved: All parents are invited to attend meetings and/or participate in volunteer activities. This is an excellent way to get to involved with Montmartre School and meet other parents. The SCC is comprised of a group of voluntary board members. Your attendance at a meeting does not imply future voluntary commitments.  To Become an SCC member, please contact Jill Young-Lee, Principal, at 306-424-2242 or Jodi Kress, Chairperson, at 306-424-7798, or attend a meeting.      

Welcome to SCC Meetings:  Meeting times will be the first Monday of every month at 5:00 pm.

 NOTE:  Meetings times may change; advance warning will be communicated to parents on our Facebook Page.

2018 SCC Member Meeting Info.pdf 

Next Meeting: May 6, 2019, at 5:00.


Programs & Activities:


  • SCC member attended National Congress on Rural Education, Innovations in Rural Education, in Saskatoon, on March 31 to April 2, 2019 
  • Five SCC parent members went to the SCC Regional Meeting, Provincial Education Engagement Session, Shaping the Future of Education:  A Shared Vision, in Regina, on April 3, 2019 
  • SCC purchased a speaker as a prize for SLC bingo.  Thank you Chittronics for your contribution and support.
  • Applied for and was accepted for TD Book Tour, May 6-10, cost $250.  Thank you Montmartre Library for funding this for us!
  • SCC made school readiness awareness kits for the students attending kindergarten next year to give out at Kindergarten Orientation
  • Thank you, Montmartre Lions, for your contribution of $200, to put towards a new SCC project "Birthday Books" where books are being purchased now in preparation of giving each student, from Kindergarten to Grade 5, a book on their birthday or as close to their birthday as we can get it. 


  • March 7 - SCC will sort through all old trophy's, plaques that are boxed up in storage and decide what will be done with them.
  • March 14 - Professional Development at Fort Qu'Appelle
  • March 20 and 21 - Escape Rooms for Grades K-8
  • Purchase prize for school bingo
  • SCC sorted and recorded all old trophy's, plaques that were boxed up in storage.  We will now follow PVSD policy regarding retention of these items. 
  • Two members went to the SCC Professional Development at Fort Qu'Appelle on March 14
  • On March 17, the SCC held a St. Patrick's bake sale where we earned $244.75 from which we will purchase a prize from Chittronics for the annual SLC bingo fundraiser.


  • Using teacher instructions, the SCC purchased items and made 25 Math Games for Grades 1-5, five for each grade.
  • SCC had a Taco Tuesday lunch and Thursday muffins with cheese and grapes for staff appreciation week. 
  • We are ordering books in readiness for Birthday Books where we will be giving each student in Grades 1-5 a book for their birthday starting in September. 
  • To promote kindness, books "Wonder" and "Junkyard Wonders" were purchased for each classroom from K to 9.


  • In November, 2018, the SCC partnered with the Plainsview Credit Union and donated $500 towards buying level appropriate books to support classroom libraries as well as for the Reading Intervention Program.  Initiated by the school, parent volunteers go to the school and read with students who benefit from extra reading practice in Grades 1-6.  There are 30 students in this program and 10 parents who have volunteered as well as educational assistants, past and present, and high school students.  The goal is for all 30 students to read and gain confidence each day.  Kelly Bruekner Procyk has scripted the direction of this program and provides a brief training to develop consistency with readers.  The volunteer and student work together for 20 minutes and then another student has the opportunity to participate.  The students are truly wonderful to work with.  There is no rigid schedule, so if know you are able to help out for a couple of hours the next morning or in the afternoon, or maybe all day, just give Kelly a text and she will make the arrangements.  Let her know the day before when you will be coming and how long you can stay for.   We can't say enough about this program.  It is so important for every child to feel confident in early years reading as this has a positive affect  through their middle and senior year learning. If you are interested in helping out, contact the school and talk to Jill Young Lee, Principal, or Kelly Bruekner Procyk, Learning Support.



  • SCC members worked in the library over two lunches to help sell books during the Scholastic Book Fair.  Thank you Angela Englot for your help with this.
  • Updated our SCC pamphlets and 2017-2018 SCC Activity and Financial Plan which were available at Parent/Teacher/Student interviews and are available on this webpage

  • SCC had Pizza Lunch on November 28 and earned $625 which will be put towards LIP initiatives (Math Games, Birthday Books and purchasing level appropriate books for classrooms and reading intervention program).  Thank you Helen WallerSandy KerbsAdrian and Scott as well as the students that gave a hand.

Education Week – October 15th-19th , A World of Learning for Every Student.

  • Tree Planting Day – the SCC together with the teachers and students, planted 100 trees on the school playground on October 16.  Thank you’s and more details yet to come.
  •  SCC members and parents read to elementary students at morning recess during Tree Planting day as the holes were being dug with equipment.  The books are about children in other countries who don’t have the same educational advantages as children in Canada.  For example “Waiting for the Biblioburro” is about a traveling library for children, “Rain School” where the children help build the school each year, etc.  During the reading the TD Trees had supplied apples for a snack.  Thank you Laura Davidson Schnell, Christalee Froese and Cyndi Giroux for helping us with this. 
  • SCC had a refreshment table at Open House with numerous kinds of homemade cookies, coffee and juice.


  • Welcome Back BBQ – Thank you to the Montmartre Co-op and Sharon May/Kemoca Park for your help and support.  Thank you so much to volunteers Jill Kress, Sara Sebastian, Helen Waller, Michelle Hoffart and Lindsey Englot.  Things ran smoother with lots of help.
  • Thank you Plainsview Credit Union for your donation of $500.


 Thriving schools happen with the support of parents and community!

Raise a Reader: Two ways to "Raise a Reader" are to read to your children daily and use local libraries.

 Students Reading.png

By Cleo V. Swarat

I dreamed I stood in a studio and watched two sculptors there.
The clay they used was a young child's mind and they fashioned it with care.

One was a teacher; the tools she used were books and music and art.
One was a parent, with a guiding hand and gentle loving heart.

And when at last their work was done, they were proud
of what they had wrought.
For the things they had worked into the child, could never be sold or bought!

And each agreed she would have failed if she had worked alone.
For behind the parent stood the school, and behind the teacher stood the home!