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Box 300, 305 1st Ave. E., Montmartre, SK, S0G 3M0| 306-424-2242| Utility links
Montmartre School
Leading each other through academics, values and a caring school
Student Fee

​Description of Fee​Applicable to Grades​Compulsory Activity, event or purchase​Amount
​PAA ​10-12​Yes​$25.00
​School Camping Trip​7-12​No​Cost Recovery
​Band Fees​6-12​Yes​$25.00
​Class Field Trips​K-12​​​No​Cost Recovery up to $30.00
​Kindergarten Supplies​K​Yes​$30.00
​Photography (Magnet Course)​10-12​Yes​$20.00
​Extra-Curr Fee/activity​6-12​No​​$20.00