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North Valley High School
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Mrs. D. Fortin                                                                                  Mrs. Kathy Miller

Teacher-Librarian                                                                          Library Associate

 NVH School Day 3 & 6                                                                NVH School on Thursdays


It is our hope that all students of NORTH VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL will take pleasure and pride in their library.

The objective of the NVH school library-resource centre is to supply the materials and assistance needed by teachers and students to research topics with in the curriculum.  A further aim is to provide recreational reading, viewing and listening for students.  With a variety of fiction and non-fiction books, magazine subscriptions, and audio-visual materials, the library is able to fulfill student and curriculum outcomes.
The library-resource centre is a quiet, comfortable place where students may read or study without having to contend with distracting noise or interruptions.  If students wish to visit and talk with their friends, they are to go to and alternate area of the school.

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