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Mom Pantry

March 28, 2019


It is that time of year again for our Mom's Pantry Order. We have been extremely successful with our Mom's Pantry Fundraiser over the years and a big thank you goes out to all the families in Pense (and friends of Pense families) who have supported this fundraiser.  For some background information, the SCC aims to fundraise about $2500 every year. We combine that with the $1850 grant we receive from Prairie Valley School District to help support the Pense School.


Campaign start date is April 15

All orders (online and paper-returned to school)

due by April 30

Orders delivered mid to end OF MAY

Online ordering, easier than ever:

1.) Add items to your cart

2.) On checkout, enter the Order Number and Group Passcode below, along with the Seller's Name.

3.) Complete Payment


Group Name:    Pense School Community Council

Order Number:      276074

Group Passcode:    35209


Orders can still be done with the blue order form; however online ordering is easier for us as there is no forms and money collection. We realize sometimes is easier to show family and friends the Mom's Classic Blue Order Form, so either way is OKAY! Please make cheques out to Pense School Community Council.

Thanks for your support,

Pense School Community Council