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News Item

"JUST THINK" mental health and substance abuse initiative

February 06, 2018

‚ÄčOur Prairie Valley "JUST THINK" Team has developed an initiative to foucus on mental health and substance abuse prevention supports for schools. The feedback we receiveved last year from staff, parents, and community stakeholders was to consider substance abuse prevention education to younger students. We have created materials that align with our provincial health education curriculum and that will support teachers and social workers in their mental health and substance abuse prevention efforts.

Our "JUST THINK" Team this year is comprised of social workers/councellors, Tammy Wagner, Alisha Davis, and Jody Hyndman, as well as Kyla Christiansen, the Health and Wellness Consultant.

Mental health and substance abuse among Saskatchewan children and youth is a continuing priority. As you know, youth who struggle with mental health issues are more likely to use substances, engage in risky forms of use, and experience harms from using that can negatively impact their physical and mental health, safety, academic success, and future goals (Canadian Center on Substance Abuse. 2009).