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Stewart Nicks School
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Special Announcement

​We admit to being pleasantly surprised to say that our trip is a go and that there is snow at Mission Ridge for us!  We respectfully request your assistance with the following:


1.       We are unable to transport ski/snowboard equipment on the bus due to safety regulations.  Please make arrangements to have your items sent with a family who is driving.
2.       We included the lunch special (2 pieces of pizza and a drink) in all the packages this year, but please pack extra snacks, drinks and water. Skiing makes you hungrier and thirstier than a regular school day so better to be prepared. You will need to check in at the SNS table to get your lunch ticket at lunch time (we are looking to recruit some non-skiing parents to help with this).
3.       Layer up – it is easier to take a layer off than it is to try and warm up when chilled and/or wet.
4.       It is quite likely we will be getting at least somewhat damp, please pack extra mitts and socks, and perhaps an extra pair of “splash pants” and/or sweats. Include a plastic bag for wet items.
5.       Label everything – we had several items left last year and we did not know to whom they belonged.
6.       All of your child’s supplies must fit in a single backpack (his/her name on the outside would be great, even just on a piece of duct tape).
7.       Students, please do not bring any electronics – neither the school or Mission Ridge is responsible for lost or stolen items. Parents, feel free to take some pictures and then share them with us afterward.  Staff may be a wee bit busy and forget to take pictures.
For those families who are meeting us at the hill, we will be doing attendance upstairs in the chalet – please find Mrs. Croteau and/or your child’s teacher and check in.  You will receive further instructions at that time.
Although Mission Ridge closes at 4:30 tomorrow, it is likely that our bus will not arrive to pick us up closer to 5.  I will send all families an email letting you know when we have left the facility and are on our way so that you are able to time your arrival at the school to pick up your child/children. Please keep in mind that we are travelling by school bus, which means we may be travelling a bit slower than if we were in private vehicles...and we have to go around/through reduced speed zones on the east side of Regina!
Thank you so much in advance for your support and help with this trip.  We are looking forward to a wonderful day on the hill!
Patti Thurmeier
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