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Exam Information
Below, please find attached a copy of the VRS Semester 1 Final Exams Schedule.  Families are reminded that this is a regular week of school with various adjustments to the regular daily student timetable to accommodate final exams.  Especially for those courses for which a traditional final exam will be administered, during this week teachers will provide students with opportunities to review course work, address any student questions/needs/difficulties, provide exam outlines, etc.  It is an expectation that students attend school as they would any other instructional day, and regular attendance will be taken each period.
Thank you for your continued commitment as we work together in fostering a climate of high educational expectations for your children.

Semester 1 Final Schedule

Jan 23 – Social 30, ELA 10

Jan 24- AM Science 10, Pre Cal 30, WAM 20/30

Jan 25- ELA 30, Physical Science 20

Jan 28- FND 20/30, WAM 10


Semester 2

June 20- ELA 10, HS 20, Cal 30, LT 20/30

June 24- EAL 30, Pre Cal 20, Psych 30

June 25- Bio (dept), FND10, ELA 20

June 26- Chem (dept)