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École White City School
Working Together for Success
Travaillons Ensemble pour Réussir
Extra-Curricular Activities
The school recognizes the importance of strong programs.  It is our belief that school programs should stress academic, creative, athletic, leadership, social and emotional attributes in students.  All students are encouraged to participate in some aspect of the school’s clubs and interest groups.  We believe this is an excellent way for students to develop personal interests, skills, self-confidence, self-esteem and lifelong friendships. 
Many activities are scheduled for after school.  Therefore, bus students need to arrange alternative transportation.
Intramural activities are held during the noon hours for grades 3-8 students.  They include a wide variety of activities designed for maximum participation under the direction of the EWCS Athletic Director.
School teams for both girls and boys are organized for grades 6-8.  Anyone interested in playing on a
Team is encouraged to try out!  We believe that to develop team and school spirit, it is important to have a competitive school team.  Coaches will work with the teams to meet this objective.  This does not mean a win at all costs attitude, but rather a feeling of commitment, loyalty and hard work by the individual for the team.  It also means that if numbers warrant, teams will have try-outs at the beginning of the season and eliminate some players based on skill level, attitude and work ethic.  Once on the team, some players may receive more or less playing time, as seen fit by the coaches, based on skill level, attitude, work ethic and attendance at practices.
Players not making the junior teams are welcome to join the pee wee teams.  This not only allows them to be involved in the game, but also gives them the chance to continue developing their skills for a better chance next year.  If players are not interested in the pee wee teams, they are encouraged to participate through the intramural program.
Some other activities planned to enhance student engagement are:  dances, pep rallies, luncheons, spirit days and student vs. staff matches. Something is always happening in the school for their benefit.