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Whitewood School
Here to Grow
grad.jpgOur 2019 Graduation is on Saturday, June 8th, 2019.
Prairie Valley School Division determines the criteria for student participation in graduation ceremonies at all PVSD schools. The criteria are as follows:
1. The student must be able to successfully earn 24 credits by the end of June of the graduation year. If at the first reporting time in second semester (or by April 30th) a student is in danger of not completing this requirement, the school administration, student and parents will meet to discuss the situation.
2. The student must have attended Whitewood School in that school year.
3. The student has not participated in a previous graduation.

Whitewood Local Awards & Scholarships

(Updated January 23, 2019)

Monetary Awards:

1.     Access Communications Centennial Scholarship –   

Student must be attending a post-secondary institution.

The Access Communications Scholarship will be awarding $1,000 to 20 graduating students in our province who demonstrate exemplary community involvement.

Full details and application forms can be found at


Submission deadline is April 18, 2019.


2.     Borderland Co-op Scholarship                              Value - $500.00

Awarded to a student who meets the following criteria.  See Mrs. Hallam for an application form. 

Please submit to Borderland Scholarship Selection, Box 1410, Moosomin, SK S0G 3 N0

    • Completed signed application form
    • Essay up to 600 words describing involvement in the community leadership and volunteer projects.  Work experience can be included
    • Letters of support from the community group or individual that confirms the demonstration of community involvement (up to 3)
    • Transcript of academic record
    • Confirmation of acceptance in full time post secondary studies

      Deadline – May 1th 

3.     Conexus Credit Union                                                    Value- $500.00 The Conexus Community Youth Leadership Award of $500 is presented to a graduating high school student who demonstrates co-operative spirit, community involvement, and leadership. Our goal is to promote the benefits of being a Conexus Credit Union member and to recognize the contributions made to their school and community. There are 30 awards given out in the province. 

The intent of the award is to recognize an individual at the time of graduation from high school for the contributions made to school life and community and to reward youth who exhibit leadership skills.


Students are required to go to the Conexus website at

to review the new eligibility guidelines and apply online.

Deadline – ___________________



     4. Hometown Coop Scholarship –       Value Four amounts of $500.00


* Have not confirmed this scholarship yet.  Will update when I know.


Hometown Co-op offers 4, $500 scholarships to grade 12 students in the Hometown area.

The Hometown Co-op Scholarship is based on application, resume, transcript, reference, & essay. Please be sure that all parts of the applications are answered. The applications are reviewed by the Member Relation Committee and their scores are averaged to determine the top four applicants.

Deadline for Hometown Co-op Scholarships is ____________. Please see Mrs. Hallam for an application.

Please supply the following for Hometown Co-op's application process.


1. Completed and signed application form

2. Personal resume (without references)

3. Proof of enrolment in a post-secondary institution or conditional offer of acceptance if available.

4. Transcript of current academic records

5. One letter of reference or recommendation from a teacher, principal, guidance counselor, coach supervisor or mentor.

6. 500-word essay on "what does co-operation mean to you?"




     5.  Margaret More Scholarship                                       Value - $200.00        

Chosen by the staff but first priority will be given to a student enrolled in education or home economics.

Based on successfully completing 9 credits in your grade 12 year

Please submit to the Whitewood School Office:

    • Cover Letter indicating post secondary plans

      Deadline – May 7th



      6.   Percival Health Care Auxiliary –                             Value - $500.00         

      Awarded to a student entering the Health Care Field.

      If there is more than one applicant, the auxiliary will appoint a recipient based on need, academics and community involvement in the healthcare field.  Money will be awarded after proof of completion of first semester with confirmation of enrollment in second semester. 

      Please submit to Donalda Ecklund, Box 99, Broadview, SK S0G 0K0

      - Cover Letter

      - Resume

      - Recent transcript of marks

      * Deadline – May 1






             7.  PVTA Education Scholarship –     Value Four amounts - $600.00

      The Prairie Valley Teachers Association shall annually award four amounts of $600 scholarships to PVSD graduates enrolled in first year in the Faculty of Education or a pre-education university program in Saskatchewan.  

      Please submit the required documentation to Dean Harcourt:
  • Cover Letter / Resume
  • Recent transcript of marks from April
  • Copy of letter of conditional acceptance from the university
  • On a separate piece of paper, please answer the following questions -

    1.  Why are you choosing education as a career?

    2.  List 3 personal strengths which will enable you to become an effective teacher.
  1. Based on your investigation of education as a career, what might be your greatest challenge?

    Deadline - May 1st.



         8.  Rhonda Maki Bursary                                              Value - $200.00

    In memory of Rhonda Maki, the school would like to offer this scholarship to a Grade 12 student entering a technical institute or another non-university course to further his/her education, anywhere in Canada.  Student needs to take 9 credits in their grade 12 year. 

    Please submit to the Whitewood School Office:
    • Cover Letter indicating post secondary plans and goals
    • Recent Transcript of Marks from April

      Deadline – May 7th





           9.  R.M. of Silverwood #123                                     Value - $1000.00

      Open to any Grade 12 student that resides in the R.M. and parents or immediate family member must be a ratepayer of the municipality.

      The student must be entering post-secondary education (University or Technical School) immediately following their high school graduation.

      The scholarship will be paid out once documentation of the student's first semester marks and confirmation of second semester enrollment has been received.

      First priority will be given to student's entering the field of Agriculture or Agriculture Trades.  If no applicants meet this criteria then academic standing will be used as the determining criteria.

      This scholarship is open to students that may attend the Whitewood, Kipling, Moosomin or Wawota High Schools.

      The R.M. Council will pick the successful applicant at the May Council meeting each year.

      Please submit an application form! See Mrs. Hallam.

      Deadline – April 26th  





         10. Rural Municipality of Willowdale                        Value - $700.00          

      First priority will be given to a student entering the field of Agriculture, degree or technical school.

      Applicant's family must be a land taxpayer in the RM of Willowdale.

      Scholarship is paid out after completion of first semester and confirmation of enrollment in second semester. 

      See Mrs. Hallam for an application.

      Please submit an application form to the Whitewood School Office

      Deadline – April 26th



           11. Vaderstad Scholarship Fund -                   2 amounts - $500.00

      Open to any student from the following community high schools:  Grenfell, Kipling, Broadview and Whitewood. Please see Mrs. Hallam for the application form that has all the information below.

To encourage post-secondary education leading to a career in the agricultural manufacturing industry.

Targeted professions are skilled trades in welding, industrial mechanics, Business Admin/Commerce, Sales/Marketing/ Design, Agriculture, Engineering.


Please submit the following documents by April 15th 2019 to:

Chris Wentzell

PO Box 123

Langbank, SK

S0G 2X0

1. Your resume including:

a. Attributes

b. Community Involvement

c. Demonstrated Interest in Agriculture

2. On a separate document, include your vision for rural Saskatchewan, and how you will help that vision become a reality through your education and future employment or entrepreneurial effort

3. A copy of your conditional acceptance to a school (first preference will be given to students attending post-secondary schooling within Saskatchewan).




     12.  Town of Whitewood Scholarship                         Value - $300.00

The recipient will be chosen by the staff based on:

    • Civic and community involvement
    • Must be attending a post secondary education

      Please submit to the Whitewood School Office:
    • Cover Letter indicating post secondary plans and goals
    • Resume

      Deadline – May 7th


      13.  RM of Kingsley No. 124                                     Value - $500.00

      Consideration is for the year previous.

      The successful applicant must be entering at least the second semester or term of Post Secondary Education.

      There is a preference towards furthering education in Agriculture, but applications in further education in other fields will be accepted and considered.

      Applicants must obtain the appropriate application form from the R.M. office and include a copy of their Grade 12 final marks and/or Post Secondary marks.

      The applicant or applicants family must either reside in or own land in the R.M. of Kingsley No. 124

      The applications must be mailed or faxed in by December 31 of each year.

      The R.M. of Kingsley will choose the successful applicant at their January meeting of each year.


For more information regarding the scholarship guidelines please call the R.M. office at

736-2272. Applications can be mailed or faxed to the following address:


R.M. of Kingsley No. 124

Box 239

Kipling, SK S0G 2S0

736-2272 Office

736-2789 Fax                     




14.  NAPA Autoparts Scholarship                                            Value - $500.00    

Student must be attending a post-secondary institute in the fall

The scholarship announced at Graduation Ceremony will be awarded in January of the following year upon completion of the first semester, with proof of enrolment in second semester provided.

The recipient will be selected by Napa Automotive from the following criteria:

    • Students entering an automotive field(Ag Equipment Tech, Aircraft maintenance Engineer Tech, Automotive Service Tech, Heavy Duty Equipment Tech, Motor Vehicle Body Repairer/Painter, Parts person, Recreation Vehicle Technician, and Truck and Transport Mechanic, Millwright) will be given first priority.
    • If there is no eligible student in the automotive field, the scholarship will not be awarded. 
    • The recipient will also demonstrate community involvement and school spirit.

      Please submit applications to the Whitewood School office:
    • Cover letter indicating post-secondary plans and school and community involvement
    • Resume

      Deadline – May 7th


15.  Royal Canadian Legion Branch# 87  Award       Value - $400.00


This award is valued at $400 and is given to one student.  It is open to Any Grade 12 Graduating Student with preference to a student who has or had a relative with an Armed Service Record.  This student must be attending a post- secondary institution. 

The Whitewood Legion #87 will give preference to a student who has or had a relative with an Armed Service Record. In saying that it is still open to all Grade 12 Students graduating from Whitewood School.(To clarify there have been years in past where no students applying had members in the Armed Forces).

Secondly- consideration will then be given to a student who has shown community involvement and volunteerism.  Finally, we will then take into consideration the student marks.


The Whitewood Legion Executive or Legion Bursary Committee will choose the student from the applications they receive from Whitewood School Administration.



The bursary is payable after the completion of the first semester of education and upon receipt of a copy of registration for the second semester. This can be mailed to Whitewood Legion #87 Box 765

Whitewood SK SOG SCO



- Letter of application for Legion Bursary that includes:

            - Contact Information

            - Name of post-secondary institution and your chosen field

- Name, Rank, regimental number of relative who served or is serving in the Canadian Forces

- Recent Transcript of Marks from LM Wilson High


Deadline – May 7th


16.  Pearl MacDougall Bursary                                                Value - $200


This award is Donated by the Pearl MacDougall Estate and administered by the Whitewood Legion #87.  It will be awarded at Graduation by the Whitewood Legion #87 to one graduating student.


This award will be given for 5 years Starting 2017 Graduation and ending with Graduation 2021.

It will be presented to a student who displays cooperativeness, compassion, honesty, helpfulness, a sense of humour and is easily befriended by all. These were all character traits that were considered valuable by the late Mrs. MacDougall.

The student will be chosen by the Whitewood School  Staff .



17.  Mantei Trade Scholarship                                      Value - $1000


- Scholarship is provided by Glenn and Cheryl Mantei

- This is a Pre-Employment scholarship for all of the 52 designated trades by SK Apprenticeship for Sask Polytech courses

- Scholarship will be awarded based on application to one of the trades along with the completed Involvement form provided by Mrs. Hallam

- Picked by the Whitewood School Staff

- Money will be paid after proof of completion of Pre-Employment course

-Proof of completion to be sent to Whitewood School



18.  Flax and Flannel Scholarship                                             Value – $500.00


-Scholarship is provided by Cheryl Mantei, owner of Flax and Flannel

- Flax and Flannel is a business focused on health and the well-being of others.  The scholarship will be presented to a graduate who is enrolled in a health care, counselling or mental health program

- Whitewood School Staff will select the recipient based on enrollment in the program and the completion of the Involvement Sheet provided by Mrs. Hallam

- Payment will be awarded with proof of completion of first semester and confirmation of enrollment in second semester.  Forward your proof to Whitewood School. 


19.  Bright Futures Award                                                          Value - $1500


Prairie Valley School Division #208 celebrates diversity and inclusion.  Our Vision is Leadership in Learning and Life and our Mission is to Inspire and Empower One Another.  The Bright Futures Award is in memory of Raymond Frederick Jordan, who lived in the Whitewood area and left a generous bequest to establish a bursary for the benefit of students in Prairie Valley School Division. It was created to acknowledge those graduating students who have demonstrated outstanding leadership in inclusion and diversity to promote growth in their school and community.  Up to three awards of $1500.00 will be awarded each year to the successful applicants.

The application form can be found from Mrs. Hallam or from the link here:

The Rubric for evaluation can be found here:

Additional Scholarships:


TransCanada Empower Communities Scholarship

    • There are a list of available scholarships here:


                  Check out the PVSD homepage – Programs and Services – Career Services – Scholarships link(left hand side at the bottom). There is a link to online scholarships that are available as well. 


Non – Monetary Awards


  1. Dr. Adamsplaque – sports award based on Grade 10-12 performance in sports with a special focus on the grade 12 year. 

  2. Laura Campbell plaque – presented to a student who shows perseverance and diligence to reach their highest potential in their studies and who exemplifies respect for students and staff alike

  3. Honor Roll – letter

  4. K of C – plaque - Miss Congeniality / Mr. Congeniality

    - Chosen by the staff

  5. Governor Generalbronze medallion – highest academic average based on all Grade 11 and 12 courses

  6. Outstanding Achievementplaque – will only be awarded to a student that has demonstrated a recognizable initiative for the betterment of the school        


    7.  PVSD Student Leadership Award - plaque

    The recipient should demonstrate leadership skills in school and /or community extracurricular activities.

    The recipient should demonstrate the following
    • School spirit and participation
    • Respectful behavior towards peers and staff
    • Kindness, compassion and empathy for fellow students and staff
    • Inclusiveness
    • Dependability and reliability
    • Initiative






      8. Ben Grebinski Achievement Award

      This award is presented to a Grade 12 Student who has been active in school related athletics, the arts, and has earned honor role status.  The recipient will be chosen by the Whitewood Teaching Staff



  1. PVSD Student Success Award

    The Board of Education will present an award to recognize the success of students with diverse and /or intensive needs in one or more of the following areas:   academics, arts, athletics, community service, work based learning, extra-curricular or community activities, independence, technology and self-advocacy.  A wide variety of categories recognizes that students with diverse and/or intensive needs may have a variety of strengths and that recognition should be made for those students whose performance in one of more of these areas is exemplary.