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708 5th Ave, Box 10, Whitewood, Saskatchewan, S0G 5C0| 1-306-735-2550| Utility links
Whitewood School
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Student Fee

Grade 12 Graduation Fees in the amount of $75 are currently being collected. These fees help to cover the cost of decorations, sound system rental and any other grad ceremony expenses.

Student Fees Form


Name of School  

 Whitewood School

 School Year  2018-2019 
Description of FeeApplicable to GradesCompulsory activity, event or purchase (Y/N)Amount
 Physical Education 20/30Gr.11/12No  $30
 Cosmetology 10/20Gr.10/11/12No  $30
 Commercial Cooking 10/20Gr.10/11/12No  $30
​Electrical 10​Gr.10/11/12​No ​$20
​Interior Design ​Gr.10/11/12​No​$20
​Wildlife Mgmt. ​Gr.10/11/12​No
Graduation   Gr. 12  No  $75
Band Fees  Gr. 6-12 Compulsory for those enrolled in band. $20
Grad Jackets  Gr. 11  No $120