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Dr. Isman Elementary School
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Dr. Isman Elementary School
Learning For All
When we are successful in having everyone in our school learning at their level of ability, whether they are students or staff, then our school is taking on a leadership role in developing lifelong learners and future leaders in our community. When everyone in our school experiences success in learning, they will perceive themselves as learners and that will promote future success and maximize each person's self-concept and future learning.

We strive to Create Independent, Active, Lifelong learners through a respectful environment
Our mission is to support our school vision. When we succeed in developing learning attitudes in our school, we then are inspiring and empowering each other. This will have an impact on short term and long term learning. The active portion of the statement refers to the intellectual, emotional, and physical development of all.  Empowered people in this school need to have all areas addressed in order to ensure success. The environment we do this in must be one of positive and mutual respect.
Mrs. Kelsie Herman                  
Miss Jones - Kindergarten
Mrs. Andrusyak - Grade 1/2
Ms. Laurel Marzolf - Grade 2/3
Mrs. Brenda Stringer - Grade 3/4
Mrs. Clark - Grade 5/6
Ms. Davina Fortin - Teacher Librarian (Day 1, 3 & 5)
Mrs. Sherry Schoepp - Band Teacher (Music Day 2, 4, 6/Prep Day 2 & 4 PM)
Mrs. Darrien Yule - Prep Teacher (Day 1, 3 & 5)
Learning Support Services
Miss Andrea Jones/Mrs. Herman- Learning Support Teachers
Ms. Whitney Palyu- Speech-Language Pathologist
Mrs. Sara Tiefenbach- School-based Social Worker
Mrs. Cindy Focht- Psychologist
Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Susan Bieber
Mrs. Lori Moses (Interim)
Library Technician
Mrs. Debra Kenny
Educational Assistants
Mrs. Grace Taylor
Mrs. Lori Perra 
Mrs. Brandi Prendergast
Miss Courtney Adams

Mrs. Stacey Douan
Miss Lindsay Rathgeber

Hours of School
Grades K – 6
School starts - 8:55 a.m.
Recess – 10:28–10:43
Lunch – 11:45–12:35
Recess - 2:08–2:23
Student dismissal - 3:25 
*Town students are asked not to arrive at school before 8:40 A.M.  Teacher supervision is provided, beginning at 8:40 a.m. If school is cancelled for any reason, or if buses are not running, an announcement will be made on this web site*
Lunch Policy
Lunch begins at 11:45  Students who finish lunch at 12:00 are allowed to go outside.  
Students staying for lunch are not allowed to leave the school grounds.  In the occasional event that your child needs to leave school during the noon hour, written parental consent must be provided for the homeroom teacher. 
Good school attendance has a positive effect on school performance.  Parents should be aware that every day at school can and should be a valuable learning experience for their child.  If we feel that a student is suffering academically because of poor attendance, parents will be notified to arrange a meeting to discuss the situation.  We ask that parents send notes, or phone the school if they know their son/daughter is going to be absent.   If parents have not contacted the school by 9:15 a.m. in the morning, or 1:00 p.m. in the afternoon, the school will contact the parents.  This will ensure the child's safety.
Phone Calls
Please make after school arrangements before your child arrives at school.  If it is an emergency and you must contact your child at school, a message may be left with the office. 

All students are asked to remove outside shoes upon entering the school.  Students will require a pair of indoor shoes for health and safety purposes.  Non-marking/white soled runners are necessary to participate in Physical Education and would be suitable to wear at all times indoors.
Milk Program
There will be a daily milk program available at the school.  Students may purchase white or chocolate milk for $1.00 or purchase a card for $5.00 (5 milk purchases), $10.00 (10 milk purchases) and $20.00 (20 milk purchases).