About Us » Mission, Vision, Values & Bold Aspirations

Mission, Vision, Values & Bold Aspirations

Our Mission

Inspiring lifelong learners and engaged citizens

Our Vision

Success in learning and life

Our Values

Compassion - our caring approach for others with empathy, kindness, and genuine concern without judgement
Belonging - embracing equity, diversity, and inclusion where all are accepted with equal opportunity for success
Integrity - honest, ethical  behaviour, that is being true to our word, and taking ownership for our actions 
Collaboration - engaging in meaningful relationships and partnerships built on mutual trust and open, transparent communication
Curiosity - inspiring excellence, growth and improvement fueled by innovation, creativity and courage

Prairie Valley School Division's Bold Aspiration - We aspire to...


...all students attain the life skills for success through relevant learning
...all students and staff thrive as they realize their full potential 
...all schools exemplify relationships that embrace and welcome everyone, whatever their  background, orientation, and level of achievement


...all students benefit from caring adults who are committed to their education
...all stakeholders contribute to public education involving students in activities that support local community
...all staff realize opportunities related to local partnerships with parents and local citizens


...all experience physical and mental well-being accessing the resources to achieve their best
...all schools embrace innovation and technology to offer unique learning opportunities 
...all staff feel valued in a trusting work culture with a shared vision and renewed commitment