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Reasons to Work with Us

​​​Every day, our committed and expert staff make a difference in the lives of students. Prairie Valley's mission is Inspiring Lifelong Learners and Engaged Citizens. We believe in the inherent potential of each student and work to provide learning opportunities and services that nurture and support. We know that children progress at their own developmental pace regardless of grade level and we celebrate all aspects of student learning and growth. 
Prairie Valley School Division is committed to achieving and maintaining a fair and representative workforce. We encourage qualified potential applicants who are of First Nations or Métis ancestry to self-identify on the application form.

​In the Classroom

At Prairie Valley School Division, our vision is to provide the tools and learning opportunities students need to achieve success in learning and life. We are committed to providing teachers with the supports they need to make this vision a reality. That includes:
  • Teacher enhancement and mentoring to provide onboarding and support to all teachers who are new to Prairie Valley.
  • A variety of centrally delivered professional development and training, supplemented by school-directed professional development.
  • Personal Professional Development Accounts after five years of service, providing flexible funding for personal wellness and professional development.
  • Opportunities to move to different positions within our school division. (Refer to our Staffing Model Belief statements below).
  • A variety of school settings provides a range of different experiences that help teachers to grow professionally.
  • Opportunities for career growth into school-based administration, consultant/coordinator or superintendent positions.

Other great reasons to work for Prairie Valley:

  • Unique programming options that optimize learning opportunities for our students including magnet programming and distance learning to provide more possibilities for students in smaller schools. Other unique Prairie Valley programs include French immersion in four schools; Prekindergarten classes; career counselling for all students in Grades 11 to 12; a variety of extra-curricular activities in athletics, arts, clubs and social justice; enhanced practical and applied arts, arts education and cultural programming. 
  • A Direct Service Delivery model that provides targeted services to students and support to teachers, including learning supports (psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists), instructional team coaches and behaviour coaches; consultants with specialization in subject areas such as English language arts, math, science, arts education, health and wellness, French immersion, complex needs and more.
  • A progressive and equitable school year calendar that offers continuous blocks of instructional time to maximize teaching and learning time.
  • Pay or days off in lieu of time committed to extra-curricular or noon-hour supervision through service recognition days.
  • A commitment to integration of technology into instructional practice.
  • All teachers receive laptop computers for their use in the classroom and other school business.

Staffing Model Beliefs

  1. Prairie Valley is committed to the well-being and professional growth of our staff to promote long-term commitment by employees and continued opportunities and achievement for our students.
  2. Prairie Valley employees are hired to fulfill the needs of the school division and its schools.
  3. Prairie Valley employees are qualified, credentialed and/or appropriately skilled to meet the needs of students.
  4. Prairie Valley values strong team members who are willing to contribute broadly within the school community.
  5. Prairie Valley values a workforce characterized by diversity to ensure students have a variety of positive role models
  6. Prairie Valley believes in a transparent teacher transfer process in which:
    • teachers may request a transfer at any point in their career
    • the needs of the system and individual schools come before individual preferences
    • assignment changes are determined by the school-based administrator in consultation with the teacher
    • communication regarding the transfer process is clear and understood by all

About Us

Prairie Valley is a progressive school division that delivers educational services to approximately 9,000 students in 39 schools around Regina and throughout southeast Saskatchewan, extending east to Kennedy, south to Sedley and Milestone, north to Kelliher and west to Bethune. The diversity of Prairie Valley is one of its great strengths. There are two Hutterite colony schools within the division and 15 First Nations communities. We have approximately 1,500 students who self-identify as Indigenous, which represents about 17 per cent of our total enrolment.
The Board of Education believes that the education of our 9,000 students is a shared responsibility. We encourage parent and community engagement in our schools because we believe the support and guidance of parents and guardians support positive student attitudes and achievement. We are grateful to have such strong parent involvement in our schools and for the dedication of our school community councils.   
Janet Kotylak 

Chair, Prairie Valley Board of Education
In Prairie Valley School Division we are focused on providing the most outstanding educational opportunities possible for our children. The ultimate goal of our Prekindergarten to Grade 12 education system is to prepare students to graduate with the 21st century skills, experiences and abilities that will ensure they are successful as they transition to post-secondary education or begin a career. Our dedicated staff members, regardless of their role, are committed to making a difference and to serving students and the community with this goal in mind. We are extremely proud of our caring and collaborative team who support each other in delivering rich and engaging educational experiences so that all students can achieve their academic potential. 
Gord Husband 

Director of Education
We are a dedicated and energetic team of professionals committed to improving learning opportunities and outcomes for all children and youth.
We have more than 1,100 extremely dedicated employees who are all focused on providing the best possible education for our students. About half of these employees are teachers and the other half represent a wide range of occupations including speech language pathologists, social workers, education assistants, occupational therapists, clerical staff, information technology support, caretakers, bus drivers, mechanics, accountants and other staff.

Our Communities

The communities in Prairie Valley School Division offer many opportunities for diverse housing, recreation, culture and lifestyle choices for our staff members and their families.
Twenty-three of the 32 communities where our schools are located are 100 km or less from the City of Regina, which provides those who prefer the city life with opportunities to live in Regina or one of our suburban communities and still teach in our schools.
Many of our communities are located along the #1 Highway, which makes for easy travelling to other communities or to nearby urban centres, such as Regina or Yorkton. All of our communities are within a 45-minute drive of at least three or four schools.
Our suburban communities, such as Lumsden, White City, Balgonie and Pilot Butte offer vibrant, growing communities with many amenities but still provide a quiet and friendly small-town feel. These communities have at least one school each and have between eight and 15 schools within a 45-minute drive.
Prefer rural life? We have farming and ranching communities such as Kipling, which has eight schools within 45 minutes; Grenfell, which has 11 schools within 45 minutes; Whitewood, which has seven schools within 45 minutes; and Kelliher, which has four schools within 45 minutes.
Many of our schools are located at, or very near to, resort communities. For example, South Shore School is located at Regina Beach, a community on Last Mountain Lake that boasts a nearby golf course, snowmobiling trails, boating and fishing. An employee who lives at Regina Beach could teach at four Prairie Valley schools within a 30 to 45-minute drive.
Fort Qu’Appelle is another resort community with many stores, services, clubs and recreational facilities. Making your home in Fort Qu’Appelle would open teaching opportunities in 18 schools within a 45-minute commute. The area is home to lakes for boating and fishing, a ski resort, golf courses, a provincial park and a mix of historic features and modern businesses and facilities.
Recreational and cultural facilities in Prairie Valley include museums, libraries, swimming pools, hockey rinks and curling arenas, campgrounds, snowmobiling trails, social centres, fitness facilities, ball diamonds and heritage sites.

Distances From Regina

​Below indicates the distance of every school from the Prairie Valley Education Centre, which is just a few minutes north of Regina. 
Arm River Colony School (45 km)
Balgonie Elementary School (32 km)
Broadview School (158 km)
Cupar School (70 km)
Edenwold School (39 km)
Fort Qu'Appelle Elementary School (79 km)
Grenfell Elementary School (131 km)
Indian Head Elementary School (76 km)
James Hamblin School - Qu'Appelle (63 km)
Kennedy/Langbank School (185 km)
Lajord Colony School (46 km)
Lumsden Elementary School (30 km)
McLean School (47 km)
Montmartre School (98 km)
North Valley High School - Lemberg (128 km)
Pilot Butte School (20 km)
Sedley School (62 km)
Stewart Nicks School - Grand Coulee (24 km)
White City School (25 km)
Wolseley High School (106 km)
Balcarres Community School (97 km)
Bert Fox Community High School - Ft. Qu'Appelle (79 km)
Clive Draycott School - Bethune (53 km)
Dr. Isman School - Wolseley (108 km)
Emerald Ridge Elementary School (28 km)
Greenall High School - Balgonie (32 km)
Grenfell High School (131 km)
Indian Head High School (76 km)
Kelliher School (152 km)
Kipling School (161 km)
Lipton School (100 km)
Lumsden High School (30 km)
Milestone School (70 km)
North Valley Elementary School -Neudorf (142 km)
Pense School (47 km)
Robert Southey School (51 km)
South Shore School -Regina Beach (49 km)
Vibank School (60 km)
Whitewood School (180 km)