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Student Services

What is Student Services? 

Student Services reflects a framework to meet the academic, behavioural, social, emotional and safety needs of all students PreK to Grade 12.
We believe: 
In collaborating with students, families, schools staff, school community councils, First Nations and outside agencies to strengthen partnerships. 
Inclusion benefits all students. Student instruction and support occurs as much as possible in classrooms. 
Classroom teachers have primary responsibility for all students in their classroom, support by Student Services Teachers (SSTs) who have specialized training, skills and qualifications in special education. 
The PVSD Interventions Together framework supports academics, behaviour and attendance for all students through a responsive model. 
Click on the links below to find out more information about a specific service. 

PVSS Brochure 

Prairie Valley School Division supports an inclusive educational philosophy  through its program planning and supports systems. For a comprehensive look at the services offered, please refer to our brochure which can be found below. 

Mental Health and Addictions

Prairie Valley School Division believes the psychosocial and emotional health of our students is a key element of academic success. In order to support students within our division who are struggling with addictions, we have a Registered Psychologist as our Mental Health and Addictions Liaison. For more information on this role and for access to supportive resources within PVSD communities, please refer to the Substance Use Resources document listed below. 

I CAN Posters 

These posters describe the support services available to students and the professionals in each school providing these services. The posters can be found in your school!