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2024 School Board Elections

Elections are scheduled to be held Wednesday, November 13, 2024 for all boards of education.
Call for Nominations
No later than September 24, 2024
Nominations forms will be accepted from the date the Returning Officer has posted the Call for Nominations until October 9, 2024 at 4:00 p.m.
The Prairie Valley School Division Board of Education is made up of 10 subdivisions in southeastern Saskatchewan.
As of Thursday, November 16, 2023 Prairie Valley's elected member was declared as follows:

Subdivision #9 - Kimberly Kiel - Elected 

Pilot Butte, Balgonie, Edenwold, Edgeley, and surrounding areas
As of Tuesday, November 10, 2020 Prairie Valley's elected and acclaimed members were declared as follows:

Subdivision #1 - Lisa Grudnizki – Acclaimed

Lestock, Leross, Kelliher, Earl Grey, Southey, Markinch, Cupar, Dysart and surrounding areas

Subdivision #2 - Verne Barber – Acclaimed

Craven, Lumsden, Regina Beach, Bethune, Findlater, Disley, Grand Coulee, Pense and surrounding areas

Subdivision #3  - Marlene Blatter - Acclaimed

Lipton, Balcarres, Fort Qu'Appelle, Lebret, and surrounding areas

Subdivision #4 - Tara-Leigh Heslip - Elected 

Abernethy, Lemberg, Neudorf, Indian Head, Sintaluta, Wolseley, and surrounding areas

Subdivision #5 - Jana Wolfe – Acclaimed

Grenfell, Broadview, Whitewood, and surrounding areas

Subdivision #6 - Terry Berglund - Acclaimed

Glenavon, Windthorst, Kipling, Kennedy, Langbank, and surrounding areas

Subdivision #7 - Janet Kotylak – Acclaimed

Qu'Appelle, McLean, Vibank, Odessa, Kendal, Montmartre, Candiac, Sedley, Francis, and surrounding areas

Subdivision #8 - Judy Bradley - Acclaimed

White City, Emerald Park, Kronau, Lajord, Estlin, Gray, Riceton, Wilcox, Milestone, Lang, and surrounding areas

Subdivision #9 - Frank Thauberger - Acclaimed

Pilot Butte, Balgonie, Edenwold, Edgeley, and surrounding areas

Subdivision #10 - Rachel Sangwais – Elected 

Zagime Anishinabek (Sakimay) First Nation
Candidate Qualifications (Section 45 of the Act)
A person is eligible to be nominated as a candidate for, and to hold office as a board member for a school division if the person:
  • Is a voter of the school division on the day of the election (to be a voter you must be 18 years of age)
  • Is a Canadian citizen at the time that he or she submits his or her nomination paper and:
  •  Has resided:
    • In the school division for at least three consecutive months immediately preceding the date on which he or she submitted the nomination paper; and
    • In Saskatchewan for at least six months immediately preceding the date on which he or she submitted the nomination paper.
A candidate may run for office in any sub-division of the school division, but only one sub-division within the school division and the electors signing the individual's nomination form must be from the sub-division the candidate is running in.

Nomination papers can be submitted personally or by agent, by fax, by registered mail, by ordinary mail, by electronic email, or otherwise as specified by the Returning Officer. It must be submitted and received by the returning officer no later than the date specified.  

The form will be received based on completeness, thus it must contain:

  • The name of the nominee;
  • The nominee's street address or the legal land description located within the division on which the nominee's eligibility to vote is based. (Location of residence.)
  • As Prairie Valley School Division is broken into sub-divisions, the nomination form must be signed by exactly 10 electors of the sub-division;
  • Each nominator's street or road address or the legal description on which the nominator's right to vote is based (location of residence);
  • A statement that each nominator is a voter of the school division for which the person is nominated, or where sub-divisions are established, the nominator is a resident of the sub-division where the candidate is seeking election;
  • The nominee's acceptance, in the prescribed form, of the nomination statement.


The candidates' acceptance of nomination form must accompany the nomination form to complete the submission process. It must be:

  • Signed by the person nominated;
  • Witnessed by two people. The two witnesses do not have to be electors of the school division;
  • Accompanied by the nominee's telephone number, email address or any other preferred contact information.


Accepted nominations will be posted on the school division website.

A candidate may file a nomination paper, personally or by agent:

  • During normal office hours from the date of the posting of the call for nominations.
  • Between the hours of 9:00 am and 4:00 pm on nomination day.
  • Nominations should be faxed to the Prairie Valley School Division office at (306)-543-1771 or to the email address [email protected]
  • The onus is on the person nominated to file a bona fide nomination paper.
  • Each nominee will receive a copy of the receipt (Form K) once the nomination paper has been received. 

The act makes provisions for a person to withdraw his or her nomination any time after the form has been filed, during normal office hours, up to 24 hours after the close of nominations. The withdrawal request (in writing) must be filed with the Returning Officer signed by the person nominated and two (2) witnesses or the returning office or nominations officer. 


If you have further questions, please call the Returning Officer appointed for the Election, or email [email protected]

Eligibility to Vote

On election day:

  • Canadian Citizen;
  • 18 years of age; and
  • Has resided in the school division for at least 3 consecutive months and has resided in Saskatchewan for at least 6 consecutive months before election day.
  • An elector must vote only in the subdivision in which they are a resident


Identification Requirements for Voters (Section 110 & 111 of the Act)

The voter will provide the following valid identifications:

  • Government issued ID with photo, name, and address, or; 
  • Two non-photo pieces of identification that displays the name and address on at least one of the documents presented or; 
  • Qualified voters can vouch for another voter with no ID. In this case, there are additional forms to be completed. 
  • Appendix D Table 1 of the regulations provides acceptable documents.
  • Candidates or agents may object to the eligibility of a voter who has not yet voted. 
    • the objections are referred to the DRO, no the voter. 
    • A candidate or agent does not have to provide a reason for the objection. 
    • An objection does not automatically disqualify the voter. 
    • Make note on the registration form the name of the person who made the objection, and initial the entry. 
    • Allow person to vote
  • A person is not entitled to vote if the person fails or refuses to: 
    •  Make a declaration (i.e., Voter Registration form)
    • Establish his or her identity as per Section 110 of the Act.