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Prairie Valley's Prekindergarten program supports young children’s holistic development by using effective educational practices to lay the foundation for school success and lifelong learning. It provides a caring, developmentally and culturally responsive program. The focus is on the healthy development of the whole child; social-emotionally, physically, intellectually and spiritually. 
Family members and caregivers are active participants in children’s development and are invited to be part of meaningful family engagement opportunities including social and health supports as required. Prekindergarten is the shared responsibility of school divisions, community agencies, family members and the Ministry of Education.

Applying for Prekindergarten

 Prekindergarten is offered to three- and four-year-old children who may benefit from additional supports prior to entering Kindergarten. Students are accepted into the program based on specific selection criteria, outlined by the Ministry of Education, to ensure children with the greatest needs are served first. The Prekindergarten program in Saskatchewan was created to provide an early learning opportunity for young children living in vulnerable circumstances. Research is clear that early positive learning experiences contribute to making a difference in outcomes for young children.
If you are interested in applying to a Prekindergarten program, please contact a school offering Prekindergarten nearest to you to apply and to learn more about the program.  Families who apply will be contacted by the Prekindergarten educators for additional follow-up and further information.  
Schools offering Prekindergarten programs in Prairie Valley are:

Michif Prekindergarten Program

Prairie Valley School Division is now offering a Michif Prekindergarten program at Indian Head Elementary School. Please see below for more details. If you are interested in more information about the program or wish to apply, please contact: [email protected]
michif prek fact sheet

Goals for Prekindergarten

School and Life Success for Children 
Children are better able to achieve their full potential and to succeed in school and in life when appropriate development opportunities and supports are provided for them at an early age. 
High-Quality Programming 
Prekindergarten is holistic, caring, developmentally appropriate and culturally responsive. It is delivered in a safe and caring environment that provides young children with the physical, social-emotional, intellectual and spiritual supports they require. 
Family Engagement and Learning 
By participating in the prekindergarten program, families can develop a good relationship with educators. They also make connections with other families and gain a deeper understanding of their role in supporting their child’s development. They are offered opportunities to provide input, actively participate in the program and share their family knowledge, which should be reflected in the program.
For a full outline of the program, see the below one-page flysheet.
For more on the Prekindergarten program, visit the Ministry of Education curriculum page.

Early Learning Intensive Support Pilot

The Saskatchewan Ministry of Education's Early Learning Intensive Support Pilot is a program for three and four-year-old children requiring intensive support to meet their potential. A medical diagnosis is not required to qualify.
The pilot program provides additional spaces and supports in the Fort Qu'Appelle Elementary, Indian Head Elementary, Pilot Butte and Whitewood Pre-Kindergarten programs to provide opportunities for children to engage in inclusive learning with other children of the same age. A collaborative team approach is used to meet individualized needs and to promote strengths from learning and participation.
Please complete the Early Learning Intensive Supports application if you would like to have your child considered for the program and submit it along with the Pre-Kindergarten application to your school if you live in the Fort Qu'Appelle, Indian Head, Kipling, Lumsden, Pilot Butte or Whitewood attendance areas.
For more information on the Early Learning Intensive Supports Pilot please email [email protected]  or call Prairie Valley School Division (306.949.3366). 

Application Form

Click below for the Early Learning Intensive Supports application