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Register for Bus Services

Students who reside within Prairie Valley School Division and attend a school within their designated attendance area are eligible for transportation services.
New students enrolling with a school in Prairie Valley apply for bus services when registering at a school. 
Rural students will be transported from either the designated home location or from an alternate childcare location, provided that:
  • The childcare location is accessed on the majority of school days.
  • The childcare location schedule is consistent and predictable; for example every day, every second week or the same days each week. 
  • The addition of the childcare location can be reasonable accommodated on current bus routes and does not require that an additional bus route be added to the area. 
  • The addition of the childcare location does not have a significant impact on eligible student ride times.
Students currently attending a school in Prairie Valley who need to update their services, please complete APF-8000.1 Bus Route Registration Update(Link below) and submit to [email protected].
Students who live within the boundaries of a town or village do not qualify for transportation services, unless specific criteria are met.
Students who reside outside their designated transportation/attendance area are not eligible for transportation services but may be accommodated as courtesy riders. Transportation options will be reviewed as part of the Out of Area Approval Process.  For further details, please refer to AP-1210 Attendance Area Maps and  APA-1210.1 School Attendance Area Maps.
For more details on bus services, you can visit the policy here.